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Sala Thai means “a place of rest” that Thai travelers look forward to this oasis because they know they will find rest for their weary feet, good food, and drink for their empty stomachs. We invite you to the same in out restaurant. So, quench your thirst, fill your stomach and relax in our Sala Thai.

Sala Thai, the longtime Thai restaurant in downtown Detroit’s Lafayette Park has been started to open the business since September 1994 until September 2002. In September 2002, Sala Thai has been moved to Detroit’s historic eastern market. Now the customers at the new Sala Thai are being served on the ground floor of the Fire House No.5. The historic firehouse dating from 1888, decorated inside with all wood, high ceiling wood, designed in historic material and original Thai style. The different hanging lights on the top of wooden booths and tables. It’s looked very relaxing and nice atmosphere. This building is located between Russell and Erskine Streets, at 3400 Russell St., Detroit, Michigan 48207.

In addition to serving its core menu, Sala Thai’s owner, Arkom Pradithavanij - “Eddie”, has added a Sushi bar, and he has secured a liquor license. The customers can enjoy with a lot of choice of Thai food, sushi, liquor, also beer and wine. So come to quench your thirst, fill your stomach and relax in our good atmosphere restaurant in downtown Detroit. Please come to enjoy yourself with our fresh, healthy food and great tasting meal with the added spices that will give you have a good blood circulation.

We are very welcome you to join with us at Sala Thai Downtown Detroit, by eastern market. You won’t be disappointed because you come into the right place.

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